Jennifer Wakayama

Jen Wakayama enjoys connecting small business owners with the best medical and dental coverage for their unique business and employee needs.

As a native Oregonian, and with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare insurance industry, Jen is an expert at navigating the ins and outs of health coverage for your Oregon-based business.

Jen offers an approach to your coverage that is focused on thoroughly understanding your business and building relationships with everyone involved. She will help you select the policies that allow for the most comprehensive support, growth and nationwide coverage of you, your employees and their families.

Currently serving as the Treasurer for the Portland Association of Health, and as a member of both the Oregon and Portland Associations of Health Underwriters, Jen is actively engaged in the healthcare conversation. Her level of engagement enables her to provide clear answers to your questions, and a deep understanding of how you can use healthcare policies to your advantage.

Find out how Jen can help you locate and optimize your healthcare policies.

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Telephone - 503.972.4285   Direct Line - 503.972.4281
Mobile - 503.351.1673   Fax - 503.972.4284

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